About us

Wellbalanced started in 2015 when a number geek had a good idea and decided to run with it.  

We’ve come a long way since, but we’ve kept our focus on staying flexible and talking like real humans.  With wellbalanced, we won’t interrupt your flow or bang on about what techy stuff we’ve had to do to get your numbers sorted. We learn how you work and find a way to slot in around the things you already do.

We work in the cloud so you’re sorted for Making Tax Digital.  And all our staff are certified in either Xero or Quickbooks accounting software (or both!).  And we keep pushing forward to make sure we use software solutions to make our systems work smarter.  You’ll be signed up to our online portal for sharing documents, managing your data and signing off the returns we do on your behalf. 

So you can literally manage your accounts from anywhere. Well… almost.

Our team

JENNIE (the top dog)

Jennie, aka J-Flo or Flower is the dogs doodahs at bookkeeping. She's often seen fiddling with Excel for fun, and is the founder of wellbalanced. When she's not counting beans at work, she can be found strumming her guitar and daydreaming of headlining festivals with her non-existent rock band. If she could have any superpower, it would be the ability to make chocolate out of thin air.

SUZ (general dogs body)

Suz, otherwise known as Suz or Suz, is responsible for doing all the things that Jennie doesn't want to do.  She has the patience of a saint, an impressive capacity for cake consumption and has a genuine love of filing. In another life, she'd have swapped numbers for animals. If she won the lottery tomorrow, she'd start a dog rescue centre. And, you know, keep working here obvs.