Our Services

So we do bookkeeping…kinda does what it says on the tin but our services are tailored to what you need.

We cover all the basics of managing your bank reconciliations, recording purchases and sales, VAT Returns…you know the kind of stuff. But here’s a few of the things you might not have thought of:


All the standard bookkeeping shizzle that a business needs, we look after you and make sure it all adds up!

Xero and Quickbooks Software Subscriptions

Ok with the bookkeeping but don’t want to deal directly with software providers? We can help.

Xero and Quickbooks Setup and User Training

Want to move into the cloud but don’t want a regular bookkeeper? Our fixed price packages include training and support to get you up and running with confidence.


When you start to think about planning for the future, it can help to have an extra pair of eyes to make sure you’re not missing something obvious. Let us walk alongside you while you map out your path.

Chasing Payments (Credit Control)

Earning money is great! Pushing customers for payment is not great. We’re super polite, super patient and brilliant at being super annoying so your customers pay just to get rid of us. Lettus attem…

Amazon, eBay and Paypal accounts

Ever tried to navigate your way through reporting for your online sales?  Then you’ll know why this is worth a mention.  eBay and Amazon are amazing ways to get your products in front of the world, but the admin can be a pain in the proverbial.  You focus on fulfilling the growing demand for your awesome products… we’ve got this.

iZettle, Paymentsense, Worldpay (and any other card payment processors)

It’s so easy to get started with taking payments with these guys.  But then the money you get in doesn’t match the money you’ve taken from customers?  And what are those charges that keep coming out every month?  Why do you pay one person to take the payments but the money comes in to the bank with a different description? It’s not always so easy to make sure you’re getting the right money back.  Leave it with us.  We’ve got a calculator and a whole lot of patience… we’re going in!

Invoice finance and factoring agreements

You raise the invoices but they get paid? Instant confusion.

Daily charges, maintaining two ledgers, drawdowns and factoring fees… let us take the pain away while you focus on using the cash you’ve raised to grow your business.